One of my favorite things to do when I am not writing is cook.  I make a lot of Middle Eastern and Greek foods, as well as a lot of experimental recipes that are usually blends of Asian and western flavors.  Since I am starting my Passover cleaning for the holiday next month, I also dusted off some of my favorite Passover recipes.  This is called Shakshouka and the variation I use originated in Turkey, though I have DEFINITELY adjusted it for my own tastes. When reading my recipes, always assume that I am using low-fat, low-sodium, low-carb options, and preferably organic.  I gave up keeping strict Kosher when I got married, but old habits die hard, that is still there too.


Note: the size of the pan is very important here since you will be using the liquid from the tomatoes to poach the eggs, you want a pan that will just fit, with sides high enough to keep the liquid from boiling away too fast and allow the eggs to be poached properly. A lid is helpful too.

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 large green bell pepper, or ½ of a green and ½ of a red or yellow as available

1 clove garlic

¼ white onion, chopped fine

1 large (16 ounce) can of diced tomatoes

3-4  eggs

¼ teaspoon hot paprika

½ cup of Greek or plain yogurt for topping (or if you prefer, a shredded mild cheese)

Cook the peppers, onions and garlic together until just soft, then add in the tomatoes.  Season with the hot paprika and bring to a boil.  Stir well to make sure the flavors are mixed.  When the liquid is boiling, move the vegetables out of the way to make little pockets for the eggs and then crack them into the boiling liquid to poach.  Reduce heat to a low simmer.  If needed, cover the pan to keep the liquid from boiling away too fast.  Just before the eggs are done, if you are using the cheese, then sprinkle it on top of the tomatoes and cover. Let the cheese melt completely before serving.  If you are using yogurt (my preference) then put a dab on each of the eggs as you serve them.  This is best hot from the pan, but it does reheat nicely in a pinch.

Sorry, no idea what the calorie or other nutrition for this is.  It does make 3 – 4 servings.